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Alternative Cancer Options with Vitamin C or Interleukin-2

Integrative Regulatory Therapy with Vitamin C

Some patients have types of cancers that are inherently resistant to conventional cancer treatments; other patients express a preference for integrative cancer treatment approaches. For these patients, the CMIT-C protocol offers a good option. CMIT-C exploits the discovery that, in very high concentrations achievable only by intravenous administration, vitamin C (ascorbate) can generate large amounts of potential cytotoxic free radicals that many cancers are selectively sensitive to, owing to a deficiency of antioxidant enzymes. By boosting tumor oxygenation and co-administering a catalytic form of vitamin K, the CMIT-C regimen further amplifies the capacity of vitamin C to generate severe oxidative stress in tumors.

The very good news about the CMIT-C approach is that it does not harm normal healthy tissues, which have adequate antioxidant defenses; thus, CMIT-C is virtually free of side effects. The home treatment care program prescribed by the CMIT-C includes measures to slow cancer multiplication, inhibit tumor-supportive angiogenesis, suppress the formation of new metastases, and fortify anti-cancer immune defenses.

Contreras Metabolic Integrative Therapy with Interleukin-2

Our recently introduced CMIT-IL regimen is essentially a modification of the CMIT-C protocol that exploits the recent exciting discovery that subcutaneous injections of the immune-boosting hormone interleukin-2 (IL-2) synergize with supplemental melatonin in amplifying anti-cancer immune defenses and prolonging high-quality survival. Patients in this protocol receive the high-dose intravenous vitamin C regimen, designed to kill antioxidant-deficient tumor cells, that is the centerpiece of the CMIT-C regimen. But they also receive daily subcutaneous IL-2 injections as a complement to nocturnal melatonin supplementation. The at-home regimen employed with CMIT-IL includes several injections of IL-2 per month (patients are trained to give their own injections, much like diabetics are trained to inject insulin), as well as other immune-boosting measures such as melatonin, probiotics, and cancer therapeutic measures (which actually enhances immune system capacities by selectively killing immunosuppressive Treg Cells which are immune cells resistance to treatment).

Although the at-home regimen used with CMIT-IL, like that used with other Oasis protocols, is also intended to slow cancer growth, block angiogenesis, and prevent formation of new metastases, it has been slightly modified to exclude certain nutraceuticals and drugs that may not be compatible with optimization of immune capacities.

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Dr. Contreras is now on Twitter! Dr. Contreras is now on Twitter! Dr. Contreras is now on Twitter! Oasis of Hope Hospital