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Managing Cancer as a Chronic Illness

By Leslie Vandever Most of us think of cancer as being curable or not-curable, with few—if any—stages in between. But the fact is that many people live with cancer. Their disease might be in remission, or stable: their cancer isn’t … Continue reading

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10 Easy Steps to an Active Lifestlye

Here are some tips that can help you move from a sedentary lifestyle two more active one. To begin, just move of more. Becoming an active person can involve thousands of tiny little choices you make throughout your day to … Continue reading

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Use it or Lose it

Scientists once believed that as a species, what we stopped using we would eventually lose. If that were true, we would be in serious trouble. People as a whole are more sedentary and overweight than ever before. Given the extensive … Continue reading

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Moderate Exercise: A Major Offensive for Cancer Prevention

It is not difficult to understand that the easiest and best way to beat cancer in your own body is through prevention. This offensive strategy against disease requires a lifestyle that should be pursued by everyone living in today’s environment. … Continue reading

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Benefits of Alkaline water

There isn’t a bodily process more sophisticated than the maintenance of an adequate level of pH in the blood. PH measures the acidity and alkalinity for body and all of its fluids. The level of pH in the blood must … Continue reading

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Video: About Oasis of Hope

There are few, if any, more frightening words than “cancer.” For many people, that word is not a diagnosis, but rather a death sentence. Roughly a million and a half Americans receive that diagnosis each year — and too many … Continue reading

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Oasis of Hope 50th Anniversary Celebration

  Oasis of Hope celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 11, 2013. 50 years ago, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. and his wife, Rita Contreras, founded the hospital with the desire to help people totally heal in their bodies, minds and … Continue reading

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Change our Thinking about Cancer

By Dr. Francisco Contreras The enormous failure of conventional therapies are not the result of procedures themselves, but why and how they are used. First, the application is supported on a false premise: Cancerous tumors are the disease. In reality, … Continue reading

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San Diego Living Interviews former Oasis of Hope Patient Rick Hill

Former Oasis of Hope patient Rick Hill is interviewed by San Diego Living. Rick Hill talks about his treatment experience at Oasis of Hope over 35 years ago together with the latest treatment options available at Oasis.

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Keep healthy by knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI)

How do you know if you are overweight? Here is a good indicator. If you are a an and you waist is 40 inches or if you are a woman and you waist is 35 inches in circumference, you are … Continue reading

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