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Cure to Cancer Conference

Did you know there are 40 million people in the US right now diagnosed with cancer, and millions more around the world, and most of them do not have the insurance, finances, or ability to go through conventional treatment in … Continue reading

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Is there a link between Gluten and Cancer?

Is Gluten Free a fad or a real issue? We hear it all the time and now we see it in grocery stores. Gluten Free! And, sometimes it’s on packages that have never been or never will contain gluten, like … Continue reading

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Treat the Tumor or the Patient?

Should we be treating The Patient or the Tumor? It’s an age old question, treat the Patient or the Tumor? Modern cancer therapies are primarily concerned with ridding the body of tumors. If the tumor shrinks or disappears, modern therapies … Continue reading

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Boost Your Immune System with Laughter

By Dr. Francisco Contreras IN A SERIES of studies at Loma Linda University in California, researcher Lee Berk discovered that watching a comedy video can strengthen your immune system in very measurable ways. Just as stressful emotions such as grief … Continue reading

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Stage 4 Cancer Treatments

How We Give Hope to Stage Four Cancer “The cancer has progressed to Stage Four.” This daunting prognosis is usually followed by, “There’s nothing more we can do.” But is it really time to throw in the towel and say … Continue reading

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Learn Visit Decide

Learn, Visit, Decide: Complimentary 2 day Diagnostic Exam  Prior to any cancer treatment, many of our patients visit Oasis of Hope for diagnostic physical exam. Each patient receives a complete review of their medical history, diagnosis (if necessary), their case discussed … Continue reading

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Conventional vs. Alternative Cancer Treatments

by Dr. Francisco Contreras. In conventional medicine, the focus is the disease: In alternative medicine, the focus is the patient. Let’s discuss conventional cancer treatment first. The goal of conventional oncology therapies—chemotherapy, radiation and surgery—is tumor eradication. Each of these … Continue reading

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Importance of IGF-1 in fighting cancer

by Dr. Francisco Contreras Throughout most of the twentieth century, age-adjusted death rates for many of our most common cancers were vastly lower in much of the Third World than in comparatively wealthy industrialized countries such as the United States. … Continue reading

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Immune Stimulation Therapy

New alternative treatments  include a number of agents that can aid the immune system’s ability to attack cancer by optimizing the function of natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes. NK cells have the potential to kill a broad … Continue reading

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Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), also known as low dose chemotherapy, is one of the safest and most innovative approaches to treating cancer. It is a kinder, gentler way to fight cancer effectively, including particularly aggressive cancers such as lung cancer … Continue reading

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