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Treat the Tumor or the Patient?

Should we be treating The Patient or the Tumor? It’s an age old question, treat the Patient or the Tumor? Modern cancer therapies are primarily concerned with ridding the body of tumors. If the tumor shrinks or disappears, modern therapies … Continue reading

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Red Wine: Here’s to a long Cancer Free Life

RED WINE is an important component in Mediterranean dietary traditions. Its considered the explanation of the French paradox that coronary heart disease in France is the lowest among industrial countries, despite the high incidence of risk factors such as smoking, … Continue reading

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Sodium Bicarbonate: Increase Your Body’s Alkaline Level

“Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy” by Dr. Francisco Contreras Sodium bicarbonate helps to increase the pH of the blood thus making the cancer patient more alkaline. Tumors grow in a low pH or acidic environment.  By increasing a cancer patients body pH and … Continue reading

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What to do while in remission:

This is a great video about a doctor who undergoes cancer treatment. Very inspirational because he treats himself with integrative therapy.  

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