Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer treatments and therapies at Oasis of Hope

Patients at Oasis of Hope are offered various types of Ovarian cancer treatments all proven in efficiency for their specific histological stage of Ovarian cancer.

All treatments at Oasis of Hope are administered within the context of a complex and sophisticated Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT) cancer protocol, proven to work in multiple complementary ways to boost the sensitivity of tumor cells to cytotoxic destruction while minimizing damage to normal tissue.

Oasis of Hope’s philosophy is not just to treat the cancer but to also treat the person – the psychological and spiritual needs of the patient are fundamental and as worthy of attention as the physical needs.

Ovariancancer survivor patients at Oasis of Hope

Judith Lowe

My chiropractor sent me too have an ultrasound and that’s how we discovered the tumor because my stomach kept growing and growing and there must be something wrong. Because some of my friends around me have been dying of cancer I kind of made up my mind before him what I would do if I ever contacted the disease and so I went home and told my husband that I don’t want treatment in the United States I want to go to Mexico because I had talked to people that had treatment here and it was very successful.

I think that if you want to get rid of cancer if you want to control it if you want to have more decades of life you should come to Oasis of Hope because this is the best place to come to treat cancer.

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Ovarian cancer treatments and therapies FAQs

Q : Can Oasis of Hope cure my stage 4 Ovarian cancer?

A : Ovarian cancer patients at Oasis of Hope have proven 5% better results than patients that have only treated conventionally.Read more about Oasis of Hope survival rates here.

Q : Are the ovarian cancer treatments at Oasis of Hope approved by US health authorities?

A : Oasis of Hope only employs the same US approved medical and alternative therapies. Additionally, doctors, surgeons and researchers at OOH are recognized by several US health authorities as important contributors to the advancement of cancer cure. Get to know our cancer doctors here.

Q : How can I find out if an alternative ovarian skin treatment is right for me?

A : Oasis of Hope’s alternative therapies are complimentary to any medical or other type of treatment already underway. These therapies are intended to increase the success rate while minimizing the damage. OOH also administers conventional medical ovarian skin therapies in conjunction with the alternative therapies.

Q : What are the risk involved with alternative ovarian skin cancer treatments?

A : Alternative prostate cancer treatments have lower risk than conventional treatments and can be combined to increase favorable results. Read more about Oasis of Hope survival rates here.

Q : Are the doctors at Oasis of Hope certified doctors or are they alternative medicine practitioners?

A : Doctors at Oasis of Hope are certified medical surgeons that additionally practice alternative treatments. Dr. Francisco Contreras is kwon worldwide as a pioneer in alternative medical ovarian skin cancer treatments.

Q : I’m already undergoing medical ovarian skin cancer treatment, can I change to an alternative treatment or do I have to wait until my medical treatment is finished?

A : You don’t have to wait, alternative ovarian skin treatments can be administered simultaneously while any other medical treatment is being done, and in fact doing both at the same time will increase the success rate.

Q : How can get more information about ovarian skin cancer treatments at Oasis of Hope?

A : The easiest way is to fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page screen or you can also call us free of charged at +1 619 690 8409