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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is a receptor found on both normal and tumor cells that is important for cell growth. ERBITUX is a type of drug, called an EGFR inhibitor, used to treat cancer by blocking the activity of EGFR. Blocking EGFR may keep cancer from growing.

  • EGFR is present on some cancer cells, like colorectal cancer or head and neck cancer
  • EGFR is also present on normal cells like skin, nail, or hair follicles
  • Laboratory studies have shown that ERBITUX does not have an effect against tumor samples that do not have EGFR

In laboratory studies, ERBITUX was shown to:

  • Block the signal: ERBITUX can block one of the signals that tells a tumor cell to grow by attaching to a structure on the cell called the EGFR. This structure is found on both normal cells and tumor cells
  • Trigger an immune response: ERBITUX can form a bridge between a tumor cell and an immune cell when it is attached to the EGFR on the tumor cell. As a result, the immune cell can begin a response against the tumor cell.

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