Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT)

The Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT) is the governing cancer treatment protocol employed throughout the various types of cancer treatment therapies offered at Oasis of Hope. The C-ACT cancer protocol was designed by the late Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. who believed that to defeat cancer it is necessary to attack it from every possible angle directly and indirectly.

The C-ACT is a multifaceted approach to attack cancer cells from a physical, emotional and spiritual level while stimulating the immune system to alleviate the toxic risk to the healthy cells.

C-ACT has now been employed for close to 50 years and has brought Oasis of Hope 3 times higher success rates over the US national averages.

Dr. Francisco Contreras is a certified oncologist surgeon and a world leading authority in alternative cancer treatments, he now carries the healing legacy of his father Dr. Contreras Sr.

C-ACT Therapies (Therapeutic Elements of C-ACT):

Patients at Oasis of Hope are enrolled into one of two C-ACT protocols, C-ACT-Q or C-ACT-C.

Patients on C-ACT-Q receive cytotoxic therapy (chemotherapy) and patients on C-ACT-C receive high-dose intravenous vitamin c therapy as an alternative approach to cytotoxic therapy (chemotherapy).

FAQs about Contreras Alternative Treatment (C-ACT)

Q : Which treatment protocol will I need for my specific type of cancer, C-ACT-Q or C-ACT-C?

A : Determining which cancer treatment protocol is best suited for your specific type of cancer can vary significantly from patient to patient. To determine this, patients at Oasis of Hope are treated by certified oncologist and surgeons that will help recommend the best treatment proven in efficiency for the specific histological stage of cancer. Request your free consultation and learn which cancer treatment protocol is best for you.

Q : Will I need chemotherapy (C-ACT-Q)?

A : Depends, there are some types of cancer that do not respond well to chemotherapeutic drugs, for example bone marrow depression, in these cases or when patients simply reject it because of previous negative experiences, chemotherapy is not employed and the patient is offered other alternative therapies. Request your free consultation to learn if your specific type of cancer benefits from chemotherapy or not.

Q : I’m in stage 4 of my cancer, will chemotherapy (C-ACT-Q) improve my condition or is it too late?

A : It is never too late, in fact most of Oasis of Hope’s patients arrived after their doctors have given them no more hope. To learn if chemotherapy is best suited for your specific histological stage of cancer will be determined by multiple factors that require very specific information from the patient. Request your free consultation to learn how your specific stage 4 cancer can benefit from chemotherapy.

Q : My family member continues to suffer from negativeside effectlong after receiving chemotherapy for his type of cancer years ago, can I simply reject C-ACT-Q or will the doctor decided?

A : It is the patient’s decision whether or not to have chemotherapy. Our certified doctors will simply recommend the best suited therapies based on the patient’s specific type of cancer and medical history, however the patient will need to decide. If the patient is not interested in chemotherapy, they are offered alternative treatments. Request your free consultation to learn which type of cancer treatment is best suited for your type of cancer.

Q : Could I still cure my cancer without chemotherapy(C-ACT-C as effective as C-ACT-Q)?

A : Yes, our alternative cancer treatments are proven to be as effective and have higher success rates than the US national averages for traditional medical treatments. Request your free consultation to learn which type of cancer treatment is best suited for your type of cancer.

Q : How can get more information about Chemotherapies cancer treatments at Oasis of Hope?

A : The easiest way is to fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page screen or you can also call us free of charged at +1 619 690 8409.