Ovarian cancer survivor patients at Oasis of Hope Hospital

All treatments at Oasis of Hope are administered within the context of a complex and sophisticated Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT), proven to work in multiple complementary ways to boost the sensitivity of tumor cells to cytotoxic destruction while minimizing damage to normal tissue.

Oasis of Hope’s philosophy is not just to treat the cancer but to also treat the person – the psychological and spiritual needs of the patient are fundamental and as worthy of attention as the physical needs.

Judith Lowe, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

My chiropractor sent me too have an ultrasound and that’s how we discovered the tumor because my stomach kept growing and growing and there must be something wrong. Because some of my friends around me have been dying of cancer I kind of made up my mind before him what I would do if I ever contacted the disease and so I went home and told my husband that I don’t want treatment in the United States I want to go to Mexico because I had talked to people that had treatment here and it was very successful.

I think that if you want to get rid of cancer if you want to control it if you want to have more decades of life you should come to Oasis of Hope because this is the best place to come to treat cancer.

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