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Patient Financing

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We recognize how a cancer diagnosis could be a financial burden to you and your family. Here are a number of resources that can really help you financially during your treatment at Oasis of Hope.

MedChoice Financial

MedChoice provides instant credit for patients seeking medical treatment and procedures. MedChoice employs a team of industry professionals who are highly trained in customer service. They offer a wide variety of loan programs creating a private account designed exclusively for current and future use.


Med Loan Finance (MLF)

MLF specializes in helping people with their financing needs for medical treatment and procedures. With a dedicated network of lenders of both secured and unsecured loans, and experienced agents, MLF is dedicated to finding the best loan available with some of the most competitive rates


Oasis of Hope does not endorse any bank, financial company, or insurance claim companies; nor does it have any financial holdings in any financial institutions.


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