Michelle was given four weeks to live when breast cancer came back for the third time and spread to her pancreas.

She found hope at Oasis of Hope Hospital, and seven years later Michelle is thriving.

Read Michelle Tucker’s stirring account of her battle with cancer and the life-altering care at Oasis of Hope Hospital.

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My name is Michelle Tucker, a beacon of resilience, hope, and the indomitable spirit of a life warrior. As I approach a milestone of profound significance this fast coming August, I reflect on a transformative journey that began almost seven years ago, when I stood at a pivotal crossroads in my battle against cancer. After two grueling years of unsuccessful treatments for breast cancer that had aggressively spread to my pancreas, I was faced with a heart-stopping prognosis: just four weeks to live. Yet, this dire forecast did not signify the end but a critical turning point.

Having emerged victorious over breast cancer three times and thyroid cancer, I was no stranger to adversity. Confronted with this new, formidable challenge, my unwavering will to live and armed with a brave bone in my body and an indomitable spirit, I refused to accept the expiration date stamped upon me guided me to crossing the border and led me to the Oasis of Hope, a sanctuary promising not just alternative treatments but a chance for a new chapter in life—a chance I seized with every ounce of my being.

Upon my arrival at Oasis, I was immediately cloaked in an overwhelming sense of spiritual warmth, an affirmation that this path, though filled with uncertainty, was my call to arms. My life, woven through with roles as a daughter, sister, friend, registered nurse, and realtor, has always been fueled by a relentless pursuit of answers, guided by a firm belief in the enlightening power of evidence-based science.

Oasis of Hope presented a community of healing, led by Dr. Contreras, who became more than a physician; he was a beacon of hope. While he could not promise a cure, Dr. Contreras delivered on his assurance of giving me more time, more moments to cherish, and more sunsets to witness. His approach transcended the physical aspects of treatment, embracing the nurturing of spirit and mind alongside the body.

Dr. Contreras, alongside his dedicated team, exemplifies this ethos of care and compassion. With every question I posed, Dr. Contreras was there, offering answers with a smile, never once glancing at his watch, suggesting a rush to move on. This level of engagement and genuine concern for my well-being was something I pondered deeply, realizing how rare it is to receive such personalized attention and to feel truly heard and valued. Where else can one find such a service where your concerns are not only acknowledged but thoroughly addressed?

Complementing this environment of comprehensive care is the unique presence of individuals like Pastor Ernesto, who with guitar in hand, fills the halls of Oasis of Hope with songs of faith and comfort, creating a soothing atmosphere that nurtures the soul and fosters a sense of belonging and communal support.

The CEO of Oasis of Hope, knows you by name, reinforcing the center’s commitment to personalized care and the value they place on every individual’s healing journey. This rare combination of medical expertise, spiritual support, and personalized attention from the leadership down is what sets Oasis of Hope apart as more than a medical facility—it’s a community united in the belief in the power of healing.

The nutritionists at Oasis transformed our meals into sessions of learning and empowerment, educating us on the healing capabilities of nutrition, making every dish a step towards strength and recovery.

Now, as this significant anniversary nears, my heart overflows with gratitude and reflection. This journey, once overshadowed by a bleak prognosis, has evolved into a living testament to the desire to thrive, the essence of hope, and the solidarity of a community united in the fight against adversity.

Oasis of Hope is more than a medical institution; it is a haven where healing is holistic, where the CEO knows who you are, where nutritionists empower through knowledge, where a pastor offers spiritual solace, and where every staff member plays a role in the healing journey. It’s a sanctuary where every day is embraced as a gift, every meal is a lesson in vitality, and every melody is a chant of hope.

Reflecting on the past seven years, I realize that my path to Oasis of Hope was not merely in search of alternative treatments but a quest for a community that comprehends the intricate nature of healing. As I celebrate this milestone, I am profoundly thankful for every moment spent at Oasis, a reminder that life, in all its complexity and beauty, is indeed a treasure.

My narrative is a testament to the belief that beyond the challenges lies hope, a journey of wellness that encompasses more than medicine—it’s about the companionship, the wisdom shared, and the enveloping love. As I continue on this path, I am reminded daily of the lessons learned, the growth experienced, and the triumphs savored, standing proud as a warrior for life, eternally grateful for the journey.

To Oasis of Hope, thank you for being my beacon of light in the darkest times. And to God, I am forever grateful for Your guiding hand over me, for the strength You’ve bestowed, and for the days You’ve gifted me. My journey is a testament to Your grace, a melody of hope and faith, sung with a heart full of gratitude and eyes set on the future, ready to embrace whatever comes with courage and unwavering hope.

-Michelle Tucker

Warrior for Life

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