Cancer Therapies

Cancer therapy at Oasis of Hope

Every cancer therapy at Oasis of Hope hospital, is employed under the collective name Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT). The C-ACT treatment protocol is an “integrative” approach for treating cancer patients from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Oasis of Hope certified oncologist doctors, will design a personalized strategy that has proven to work best for the specific type and the histological stage of the cancer. Patients are offered alternative and medical therapies based on factors like, medical records, passed treatments, and patient preferences.

Cancer therapies at Oasis of Hope:

Oasis of Hope’s therapies are intended to work together harmoniously, in a complementary or synergistic fashion, to slow or reverse the spread of cancer while promoting the physical and psychological health of the whole person.

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Specific cancer treatments FAQs

Q: What is Oasis of Hope’s success rates for my cancer therapy?

A: The success rates vary by type of cancer, stage and therapies, however on average our success rates have been proven three times more efficient than patients only treating conventionally. Learn about the specific survival rates for each type of cancer here.

Q: Is the cancer therapy I will undergo approved by US health authorities?

A: Oasis of Hope only employs the same US approved medical and alternative therapies. Additionally, doctors, surgeons and researchers at OOH are recognized by several US health authorities as important contributors to the advancement of alternative cancer therapies and the cure for cancer. Get to know our cancer therapy doctors here.

Q: How can I find out which type of cancer therapy if best for specific cancer?

A: Request your free consultation so that one our certified oncologist and Dr. Ernesto Contreras can provide your personalized treatment based on proven experience for same cancer conditions. There is not cost for this consultation its hundred percent free treatment plan .

Q: What are the risk involved with these types of cancer therapies?

A: On average, Oasis of Hope’s cancer therapies have lower risk than conventional therapies and can be combined with other medical therapies to increase efficiency. To learn more about the specific types of cancer success rates click here.

Q: I’m already doing other cancer therapy, can I still change to Oasis of Hope’s cancer therapy or do I have to wait until my other medical treatment is finished?

A: You don’t have to wait, our cancer therapies can be administered simultaneously while any other medical treatment is being done, and in fact doing both at the same time will increase the success rates click here.

Q: How can get more information about a cancer therapy at Oasis of Hope?

A: The easiest way is to fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page screen or you can also call us free of charged at +1 619 690 8409