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Patient ContactSubmit Medical QuestionnaireReceive Treatment Protocol by Dr. ContrerasPatient Confirms AdmissionsAdmitted To Hospital
Patient can fill out the free consultation form request located on the right-hand side of this page or call us at the phone numbers located on the top of the page.Patient fills out and submits the medical questionnaire.

It is recommended that the patient prepare recent medical records for review

Patient receives personalized cancer treatment plan by Dr. Contreras within 48 hrs. of completing step 2Patient confirms date to be admitted for treatment plan and provides flight informationPatient is picked up at airport by Oasis of Hope shuttle, admitted to the hospital and begins treatment
Oasis of Hope receives contact information and contacts patient within 24 hrs.Dr. Contreras receives medical questionnaire and creates the treatment plan based on information provided. Oasis of Hope sends treatment plan, costs and payment options, and admission’s guide.Oasis of Hope will follow up with patient for questions related to treatment plan, payment and travel arrangementsOasis of Hope confirms admission date, reserves room and schedules airport shuttlePatient is greeted by concierge who will provide admission forms and information presentation

Become Patient FAQ’s

Once you submit the medical questionnaire, Dr. Contreras will review it, recommend a treatment plan and send to you within 24 to 48 hours

Most patients are admitted between 5 and 10 days from the time they submit the medical questionnaire.  It is rare that the waiting list is longer than 14 days.

Yes. Please call the admission’s department once you submit the medical questionnaire and our coordinator will help expedite the admission’s process. Dial +1-619-690-8450.

An admissions representative will contact you within the next 24 hours to confirm that we have received your information to be reviewed by Dr. Contreras.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Please fill out and submit the medical questionnaire.  You will receive a treatment plan with a detailed explanation of costs and  payment options within 48 hours.  We will send the treatment plan free of charge with no obligation.

Treatment plans vary from two weeks to four weeks.  The average stay is three weeks and will depend on the medical protocol Dr. Contreras recommends for you.

Become a Patient

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