Stage 4 Cancer Treatments

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Alternative Stage 4 Cancer Treatment at Oasis of Hope
– Dr. Francisco Contreras

Oasis of Hope employs different cancer treatment modalities for its stage 4 cancer treatment patients.

A cancer is said to be in stage 4 of cancer when it has spread far away from the origin into other organs of the body, this progression is also known as metastasis and unless a metastasis is singular—meaning that it has only spread in to one specific location—and it’s still accessible, it usually means that the cancer will no longer be curable with localized therapies such as surgery or radiotherapy.

At Oasis of Hope we employ specialized stage 4 cancer treatments for patients going through metastasis. The Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT) protocol has treated stage 4 cancer patients for decades and continues being on average three times more effective than traditional cancer treatments. Learn more about our stage 4 cancer survival rates and life expectancy here.

Alternative Stage 4 Cancer Treatment at Oasis of Hope
– Dr. Francisco Contreras

Stage 4 Cancer Treatments at Oasis of Hope are available for:

  • Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

  • Stage 4  Breast Cancer

  • Stage 4 Lung Cancer

  • Stage 4 Leukemia (Blood)

  • Stage 4 Melanoma (Skin Cancer)

  • Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

  • Stage 4 Colon Cancer

  • Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

  • Stage 4 Bladder Cancer

  • Stage 4 Immune System Cancer

  • Stage 4 Liver Cancer

  • Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer

  • Stage 4 Brain Cancer

  • Stage 4 Bone Cancer

  • Stage 4 Testicular Cancer

  • Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

  • Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

  • Stage 4 Carcinoma (Stomach Cancer)

  • Stage 4 Throat Cancer

  • Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer

Why are stage 4 Cancer Treatments at Oasis of Hope more effective?

There are 4 main reasons why survival rates at Oasis of Hope are more effective than those of other traditional treatments.

Reason 1 – Oasis of Hope’s employs several different types of integrative cancer treatments that often, make the cancer more responsive to chemotherapy. Read more about our adjuvant drugs and nutraceuticals here.

Reason 2 – There are some types of cancers that are inherently resistant to currently available chemotherapies, for those cases, Oasis of Hope has developed the CAT-C cancer treatment protocol which employs large doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, and most recently the CAT-IL cancer treatment protocol with a range of measures, including daily injections of the hormone-like compound interleukin 2. These measures are intended to maximize the effectiveness of the immune system’s assault on the cancer, so for patients who have been told that “chemotherapy won’t work” on their cancer, Oasis offers genuine hope for achieving cancer shrinkage or control.

Reason 3 – Oasis of Hope has developed its own proprietary stage 4 alternative cancer treatments that have proven effectiveness when all other options have fail. Some of the therapies employed for less fortunate patients include signal transduction, angiogenesis inhibitors and apoptosis-inducing.

Reason 4 – Oasis of Hope will treat not only the disease but also the physiological and spiritual needs of the patients, which have proven to bring higher level of effectiveness. Learn more about our CAT cancer treatment protocol.

FAQ’s about Stage 4 Cancer Treatments at Oasis of Hope

Stage 4 cancer treatment patient at Oasis of Hope have experienced 3 times more effective results than those of patients that have only been treated with conventional medical treatments, specially when no other treatment has been done previously to getting treated at Oasis of Hope. Dr. Francisco Contreras has for many years been considered the leading authority for alternative stage 4 cancer treatments worldwide. Read more about Oasis of Hope stage 4 survival rates here.

Depends, there are some types of cancer that do not respond well to chemotherapeutic drugs, for example bone marrow depression, in these cases or when patients simply reject it because of previous negative experiences, chemotherapy is not employed and the patient is offered other stage 4 alternative cancer therapies. Request your free consultation to learn if your specific type of cancer benefits from chemotherapy or not.

Oasis of Hope’s stage 4 cancer treatments can be a great compliment to previous medical cancer treatments or other type of cancer treatment currently being employed. These stage 4 therapies are intended to increase the success rate while minimizing the damage. Oasis of Hope also administers conventional medical therapies in conjunction with the alternative therapies.

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