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Literally anyone who has had the opportunity to dine at the Oasis of Hope could testify that the food served is one of the highlights of the overall experience. Though the doctors, nurses and medical scientists do their best for the patients, the true genius of the Oasis of Hope kitchen staff must be acknowledged, everything is either vegan, or contains modest amounts of fish, chicken, or eggs, in the Mediterranean style.

Whole grains are emphasized, fruits, fresh juices, beans, vegetables, and soups are available in profusion, and the dishes are almost always low in fat and salt. This may sound a bit spartan – but in fact the food is invariably delicious.

The dining experience at Oasis of Hope teaches that it is feasible to eat a diet that promotes optimal health while providing real culinary pleasure at the same time. Our intent is that patients will take this insight home with them, and will continue eating healthfully in the way they have learned at Oasis of Hope. Meal times are not just about food; they are also an occasion for friendship, camaraderie, and laughter. In the dining commons, patient and staff interact and it is often difficult to tell who the patient is because they are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing verses the typical hospital gown that often leaves much to be desired.

It is frequent to see diners continuing to receive IV infusions of chemotherapy or vitamin C while they enjoy the delicious food. Meals are an excellent chance for patients to get to know each other better, and to share their experiences coping with cancer.

It is heartwarming to see how often laughter breaks out, as diner’s exchange jokes and amusing anecdotes. For the patients, dining at Oasis of Hope not only nourishes the body, but also contributes to promoting their emotional and spiritual well-being – it’s a key part of the healing experience.

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