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Vitamin C & K3 the ability of vitamin C to generate hydrogen peroxide in tumors hinges on the presence of catalysts that can transfer electrons from the vitamin C to oxygen molecules, generating an unstable compound superoxide which rapidly converts to the hydrogen peroxide that possesses cancer-killing properties. One well-known catalyst with this capability is menadione, also known as vitamin K3.

There is substantial research in both rodent and human studies that demonstrates that supplementing intravenous vitamin C therapy with injectable vitamin K3 increases the effectiveness of the therapy on cancer cells. Researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, have played a pioneering role in demonstrating the potential of the vitamin C/vitamin K3 combination in cancer treatment.

They have shown that the combined administration of these agents can retard cancer growth and metastasis in tumor-bearing rodents. They also report that this therapy is well tolerated, without any evident damage to healthy tissues. They also demonstrate that the vitamin C/vitamin K3 combination can interact synergistically with certain cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs in killing cancer cells.

This is logical since, as I mentioned before, some chemotherapy drugs work by increasing the levels of oxidative stress within cancer cells. Indeed, there are reports that vitamin K3 alone can increase the cytotoxicity of certain chemotherapy agents, presumably because, in sufficiently high concentrations, vitamin K3 helps generate oxidative stress by transferring electrons from intracellular molecules to oxygen.

Vitamin K Therapy at Oasis of Hope

Dr. Contreras explains one of the many important reasons, for our patients to have Vitamin K therapy in combination with other treatments. Oxidative therapies have different side effects in the patient’s body, such as: losing electrons. With a pre-conditioning of a Vitamin K, the body starts producing electrons and the oxidation process, only happens where it’s necessary.

At the Oasis of Hope, we inject vitamin K3 just prior to the vitamin C infusions, with the hope and expectation that the vitamin C/vitamin K3 combination will markedly increase the production of hydrogen peroxide within tumors, enabling a more substantial cell kill in those cancers that produce sufficiently small amounts of catalase.

While vitamin K3 is an excellent electron transfer catalyst, the effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C therapy can still be crippled if the oxygen levels within the tumor are poor! Since many common tumors create a hypoxic, or oxygen poor, environment, it is necessary to introduce agents that can efficiently oxygenate those tumors.

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