Oasis of Hope Experience Treating
Cancer for Over 50 Years

The Place for Alternative Cancer Treatment

Getting to Oasis of Hope

It is easy to travel to Oasis of Hope because we are located in Tijuana, Mexico which is just twenty-five minutes south of the San Diego airport in California.  Please make arrangements to travel to San Diego.

An Oasis of Hope shuttle driver will greet you at the airport baggage claim, load your luggage, and drive you to the hospital. If you are taking the train, we can pick you up right at the San Diego train station, and if you are driving your own car, we can arrange a place to meet you in San Diego.

Roundtrip shuttle service to the airport or train station will be provided by Oasis of Hope for and one companion at no charge.

After you have a confirmed your admission date, please provide our admission’s office with your flight details or train schedule 48 hours before your arrival date so we can make sure our shuttle is scheduled for you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

All Under One Roof

It is common for people’s lives to be taken over by doctor’s appointments, x-rays, lab work, and appointments with various health practioners.  Aside from the time and money it takes to drive all over town, the added stress of appointment coordination does not help the healing process.

At Oasis of Hope, your whole treatment experience is all under one roof.  Your appointments and therapies will be scheduled for you by our concierge.  That’s right, Oasis of Hope has a concierge that will work to make sure you are pleased with all of the services we provide.

From meeting with your oncologists and integrative treatment specialists, to getting educated by the nutritionist and enjoying organic foods prepared by our chef, it is all under one roof.  Lab work, CT scans, ultrasounds and even surgery, if needed, are all done on site.  You stay on site in rooms that are well equipped like you would expect in a hospital, but furnished a decorated like a quality hotel.  You don’t even have to leave Oasis of Hope to go to church. Sunday services are provided in our chapel.

Come to Oasis of Hope.  Sit back and relax.  We will take care of everything.

Friendships for Life

Oasis of Hope is designed to build community.  Our treatment room is a comfortable place where you can relax with other patients and receive treatment while listening to different speakers.  While in the treatment room, it is easy to strike up a conversation with your neighbors.

Another great place to share stories and words of encouragement is the dining room. Meals are shared at round tables which makes it really easy to converse and laugh with others. The chapel and garden areas are other places you will find wonderful people who are on similar journeys to victory over cancer.

Oasis of Hope is the perfect place to make friendships for life. Bonds will be formed to encourage each other to live long and strong, and these friendships will last a lifetime.

Snapshot of a Day at Oasis of Hope

A day at Oasis of Hope may look like this:

Bring a Loved One

Our founder recognized how important it is for each patient to have a loved one present while at Oasis of Hope.  Because it is so valuable, we give everyone a private room with two beds, and your loved one will share the room and enjoy all of the same meals completely free of charge.

Your loved one is a vital member of your treatment team and he or she will often help remember instructions the doctors and nurses give to you.

Your companion can also help remember which nutraceuticals to take and what comes next in your treatment.  He or she may even learn how to prepare a few of the delicious Oasis of Hope meals.

We want to encourage you to bring a loved one to Oasis of Hope.  His or her life will be enriched by the experience too.

Five Year Follow Up Program

We want to be on your treatment team for the long term. For this reason, we provide a 5-year follow up program at no additional charge.

That’s right, for five years after you are treated at Oasis of Hope, we will be calling and emailing you to make sure you are doing well, or to get you additional help.

You will have the chance to speak to an Oasis of Hope doctor a number of times each year during that five-year period at no charge.

You are that important to us.

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