Probable nobody has a cancer support team assembled when they are first diagnosed. But there’s no doubting the importance of organizing a network and wrapping support around yourself. Here is an acronym, using the word HOPE, to help build your support group:

HHelpersAccept help for everyday needs: shopping cleansing, cleaning, companionship, transport, food preparation ,donations.
OOncologistPick and oncologist you; engage him/her in a personal conversation so that he/she makes an emotional investment in the relationship with you.
PPhysicians, nurses, other practitionersAssemble a multi-disciplinary team; include general practitioner, nurses, nutritionist, naturopath, chiropractor, fitness trainer, massage therapist.
EEmotional and spiritual counselorsIndividual counseling, spiritual care, and groups are priceless support source that can help you manage anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and stress.