Eating vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors gives you a big range of nutrients and benefits from every different color. These rice paper vegetable rolls are colorful, healthy and fun to make. The filling ingredients are flexible, you can choose your favorite vegetables or even fruit, but we are going to tell you our favorite filling combination.


Serving size: 2 rolls


  • Spring roll rice paper wrappers.
  • Purple and green cabbage shreds
  • Shredded carrots
  • Yellow & red bell pepper sticks
  • Jicama thin sticks
  • Cucumber thin sticks
  • Broccoli sprouts
  • Sliced green apple
  • Candy beetroot sticks
  • Black sesame seeds

*Hot water to rehydrate rice paper.



  1. Have all the cut veggie filling items ready near a cutting board.
  2. Fill a plate with water, dip the rice paper wrapper in the water and turn in around several times for about 5 seconds. It will soften more on the board and become very pliable.
  3. Remove the wrapper and hang the edge off the end of the cutting board.
  4. Place the fresh veggies purple cabbage and carrots pretty side down first to show through the wrapper. Next, add one of each veggie in the middle of the wrapper, but try not to overfill.
  5. Fold up the bottom first, then the sides, then roll wrapper tight against the filling all the way to the end.


To serve: Serve on a plate with a small bowl of dipping sauce. Garnish with sesame seeds.