1. Believe and trust God for your healing. The Bible is alive, stand firm on his promise, knowing that he is good and faithful. Find Christians who believe in healing and have them pray over you.

2. Surround yourself with positive people who fill each day with encouragement and laughter. Choose to enjoy the good things in life, every day, and do not let negative thoughts captivate your mind.

3. Find good books about nutrition and cancer. And live actively, made time to exercise as much as possible. It will help you feel better!

4. Take time to relax and heal by minimizing commitments and tasks. Isn’t necessary to eliminate what makes you “busy” so that you can focus on things that bring healing. You will benefit greatly from massages, family time, naps, walks the beach, detox bath, etc.

5. Have doctors and health professional’s work together on “your team” to support the treatments pan you’ve chosen.