Exercise to prevent and keep Cancer from returning?

Are you kidding me? Who feels like exercising when they have stage 3 or 4 cancer? You should. Old school medicine said to go home, take it easy, get plenty of rest, right? WRONG!

Harvard says Exercise for Cancer!

Here’s what I mean: “A 2005 study by researchers at Harvard Medical School found that breast cancer patients who exercise moderately for 3-5 hours a week but their odds of dying from cancer by about half compared to sedentary patients” By HALF?  AND, if you’re a male, if you work out with weights, you can be “between 30-40-% less likely to lose your life to a deadly cancer.” Help me out here, 30-40% LESS LIKELY TO DIE BY PUMPING IRON?

Exercise for Cancer is a great idea!

One of our long-term survivors, Rick Hill, who was at Oasis of Hope in 1974, to treat stage three, high-grade embryonal cell carcinoma had this to say about exercise: “Having had stage three cancer, 40 years ago, I understand that when you are a male and down to 121 pounds, hitting the track or the gym is not a primary goal, but it needs to be. I started playing racquet ball in 1976 and played in the city league for more than six years. It was a sweat bath 4-5 times per week. Due to a total of almost ten hours of surgery, the pumping iron was about a year later but now, 40 years later, I just joined the YMCA to start pumping iron after I read the Harvard study!”

Join us to exercise to help conquer cancer.

Whether you are just diagnosed, in the throes of  fighting active cancer, or trying to keep it at bay, Diet, Detox, Attitude, and Exercise may be the four legs of your health chair. Take one away, it topples. Don’t topple. Keep all four legs working for you. Even if you just walk to the corner and back this week, and two blocks the next week, you will eventually get to where you can walk a couple of miles. If possible find something you enjoy doing. I enjoy tennis and snow skiing. You might want to take up racquetball. One of our former patients took up competitive ballroom dancing and kept his weight down, his vitals good, and met a lot of nice people in the process. Exercise doesn’t have to be a grind.